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Like the need for annual heart and eye clinics, there is especially a great need for Cavalier breeders and pet owners to have MRI scans available to them at a reasonable cost. MRI's, while a great diagnostic tool, are very expensive. They are also something that needs to be repeated over time. An MRI gives a clear current picture of what is happening at that specific time; however with a progressive acquired condition like Syringomyelia what you see one day on an MRI may not be what you see in a year's time.

A cost of a full MRI in Canada costs upwards of $1800 per dog. While MRI screening is very encouraged, it is an unreal expectation to have breeders that are able to afford to scan several Cavaliers at one time.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada Low Cost MRI Program
The Health and Education Committee is excited to announce a low cost MRI scanning program for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada members. This program is being held in partnership with Jane Sykes at Matheson Boulevard Veterinary Services in Mississauga Ontario.

At this time this program is available to dogs that are being screened for breeding purposes or are currently being used for breeding. Clinic information including directions can be found on the following site:

Participants will receive a full neurological exam by a Veterinarian. They will also receive a full MRI that meets all current scanning protocols, a CD copy of their MRI screening, and a grading certificate. The grading certificate will be issued by Dr. Stephanie Nykamp DVM; Dip ACVR of the Ontario Veterinary College. Dr. Nykamp is very familiar with grading MRI’s, having graded most of them in our recently completed SM Study at the OVC.

The current breakdown of cost at this time is shown below. (This is subject to change)

$550.00 – MRI

$40.00 – Blood panel - *this MUST be completed up to a maximum of 2 weeks prior to having your dog MRI’d. The closer you can have this done before screening the better.*

$42.50 – Neurological Exam – to be paid for by cash or cheque This price does not include the fee for the blood draw by your own vet or taxes.

In order for the cost of scanning a dog to be kept to the price quoted above, we must scan 6 dogs in one scanning day. Appointments will be arranged first come first serve through Mary Beth Squirrell, and the actual scanning day will be arranged when we have the required number of six. We are aiming to start scanning our first six dogs on January 17th, 2009.

The following application form can be downloaded at this link: Low Cost MRI Application Form. You may also find a copy in Quotes.

This form must be completed fully and returned to:
Mary Beth Squirrell
408 Ontario Street South
Milton, ON
L9T 2N1

Or by email:

For any questions regarding this program please contact Mary Beth Squirrell at 905-636-1421 or by the email above.

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